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  • Eileen McCourt

Like an eagle soaring high and free

The tiny ants and all the other little creatures crawling around in the grass see a very limited, small and dangerous world around them. But the eagle! The eagle flies high! The eagle soars above everything! The eagle soars freely! And in soaring high and free, it sees everything! It sees the whole picture! And it only flies forward, never backwards! We must be like the eagle! We must soar above all this, high and free! We must see the whole picture! And it is only by seeing the whole picture that we can fully understand what is really and actually happening at this current time! So what is happening? What is the whole picture? We have been forced into this present situation, a situation we would never have chosen voluntarily to be in. But!!! We just could not have continued any longer on the downward spiral of destruction, where we pressed the self-destruct button a long, long time ago! We have been forced to STOP! And it had to be something BIG to make us do that! Only something of this global magnitude could have halted our headlong, downward spiral into total annihilation! A few deaths here and there, - that would not have done it! We have ignored that so many times before!!! This time, it had to be something massive! So let us look at the BIGGER picture! This is TIME-OUT!!!! TIME-OUT for what? Firstly, time-out for Mother Earth! Mother Earth is replenishing herself! Mother Earth is beginning to breathe again! We have strangled, we have suffocated, we have choked Mother Earth! We have plundered, we have depleted, we have destroyed Mother Earth's resources and energy! But look what is happening in this enforced TIME-OUT!!!! Our waters are clearer! Look at the photos of the Venice Canals! Dolphins and swans returning! Crystal clear water! Our skies are clearing! The skies above China! All free from pollution! No planes! Factories and big industries forced to just stop! No pumping out of toxins and poisons into our atmosphere! The air we are breathing is now beautiful! Our rivers are flowing free from rubbish! And the birds are singing more than ever!! Or so it seems! But they were always singing! We just could not hear them with all the other noises constantly surrounding us, creating dis-harmony and dis-sonance in our world! Secondly, time-out for us! We are learning to value the simple things in life. They say you never miss something until it's gone! How true! A grandparent cuddling a grandchild; a hug from a friend; a getting together of old friends; a meal out together; snuggling up on the sofa; reunions; get-togethers; the pub gatherings at the local and all that it entails; holidays; getting a facial, a beauty treatment; a hair-do; - we have taken these all for granted for so long now! And we are learning that life is not all about ME, ME, ME, MINE, MINE, MINE! We are reaching out, coming rapidly into the magnificent ONENESS that is all of creation! Those serving right in the front line of all this, - our medical staff - doctors, nurses, auxiliaries, ambulance staff, hospital maintenance and cleaning staff; our care workers; those looking after our elderly people in care homes; those keeping our food shops and supply chains going, in order to get food to us; those in public transport services; those cleaning our streets, our public toilets, collecting our rubbish; everywhere we look, people are reaching out to others, instead of being focused on the individual. Selfishness is giving way rapidly to SELF-LESSNESS. How wonderful is all this! And more good news! We can never go back to where we all were just one short month ago. Life on Planet Earth as we have known it has changed for ever! And that can only be good! We have been STOPPED in our tracks for a purpose! We will all live our lives differently! We will take pleasure in the simple things, because we now know what they are! We will look after our vulnerable sections of society - our homeless; those suffering from alchohol and drug addiction; those suffering from depression and mental illness; those who feel isolated and alone; those who feel suicidal; those throughout the world suffering from disesase, poverty and hunger. And we will share Mother Earth's riches and gifts more evenly amongst us all! Yes, all bodes well! We will enter a Golden Age when all this passes! And it will pass! Everything does! That's the Natural Law of the Universe! But what about all those deaths? All those families suffering the loss of their loved ones? And there are so many of them! We need to see the bigger picture here tool! All those beautiful souls who have passed on during this epidemic are fulfilling a contract made by them at soul level. A contract for their part in this major upheaval for humanity, a contract to play their part in this paradigm shift for humanity into a higher level of consciousness. I said earlier that if just a few people died, we would not even notice! This paradigm shift requires great numbers to die in order to get our attention! Sad but true! That is how far down on the destructive spiral we were! And those beautiful souls who made that contract at soul level to sacrifice their lives in order for us all to benefit, to learn the lessons we all need to learn, - well, we just cannot let their deaths be in vain! We owe them that much, surely! They have made the ultimate sacrifice for us all! So let us be like the eagle! Let us soar freely above all this, seeing the bigger picture! For there is indeed a bigger picture! The evolution of humanity! The paradigm shift propelling humanity into a higher level of awareness, a higher level of spiritual consciousness! And the eagle always flies forwards! Never backwards! We must embrace all these changes now and move forwards! If we try to resist, we are simply creating blockages, we are simply preventing the Universal energies at work now from flowing freely, Universal energies guiding us to a new, Golden Age where we are all ONE!!! And that can only be good! So let us help each other through the next few weeks, until we get through this upheaval period, because at the other end we will have a beautiful replenished Mother Earth, a different way of life, a different-thinking humanity. Let us all do what is required of us in order to halt this virus, and prevent us from having to experience what is happening in Italy! I send you all Love and Light!

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