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My Latest Book

You're Just a Number! And the Universe Has it! Encoded Within the Great Cosmic Code

You're Just a Number Front Cover for FB.jpg
In the words of Pythagoras! - 'All is number!'

The universe is structurally based on numbers, - they are the foundation of what brings all things together, and into their ultimate form. The patterns in Nature repeat themselves in precise formulas, - patterns all based on numbers!

The Universe is made up of numbers - and so are we! Numbers make up everything and everything is made of numbers, - numbers being an energetic frequency, and we are all energy, vibrating on different vibration frequency levels. And with numbers, their shape and structure are also of great importance.

All My Print and Audio Books


You're Just a Number Front Cover for FB.jpg
Dear God Front Cover 08-02-22.jpg
Living The Reiki Way Front Cover 02-01-22.jpg
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Finding Sense Full Cover 12-10-21.jpg
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Man in the Mirror Front Cover.jpg
Lighting the Way Front Cover.jpg
Out of the Darkness Front cover.jpg
Puppets FINAL FRONT  COVER 26-07-20 PINK
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New World Front Cover.jpg
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Universe is mental Front cover 2b.jpg
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Smaller File Front Cover Artwork with ba
Homo Spaciens full cover 26-07-19 with p
Eileen Constellation book front yellow t
Kundalin Full Cover REVISED 26-12-18.jpg
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Chakras Crystals and colours Kindle cove
music of the spheres indesign artwork wi

Also Available  as an Audiobook

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