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In the previous post on the Rise of the Divine feminine, I explained what is going on in our world at this point in time. It is the RISE OF THE DIVINE FEMININE!

And I explained how this is manifesting! How this is manifesting in a way in which we can clearly see it is happening! Now let us take this a stage further! Let us move into a higher awareness level, to see the overall picture!

The earth is going through a massive shift into a higher vibrational level of frequency! This is not just about to begin! This has already begun! This is already underway! We are already right in the middle of it! This process of what we call individual and planetary ascension is unstoppable! It cannot be halted! It cannot be reversed! It is a natural and necessary stage in the spiritual evolution of humanity!

And we have all freely chosen to be here at this point in time to help in this process! And we have all freely chosen the part each and every one of us wants to play in bringing this process about! Now let me throw some light and understanding on the great numbers of deaths occurring at this time, on the great numbers of souls passing over to Spirit, and on the great numbers of people suffering the heart-ache of losing loved ones. We have had many and diverse tragedies in the past where great numbers of people have lost their physical lives. Let me now address this! Now, at this point in time, in order to make way for the rise of the Divine Feminine, in order to draw attention to it, a great number of souls have made a contract at soul level, to be here at this point in time, and to sacrifice their physical life, in this incarnation - thousands upon thousands of them, - in order to attract our attention to what is actually happening, to focus our attention on what is really going on, - to make us finally realise that we cannot go on any longer living in this materialistic and self-indulgent world which we ourselves have brought about through our greed, our selfishness, our unnending desire for money, wealth and material possessions. If only a few souls were passing over right now, we would not even notice. If even a few thousand souls were passing over right now, we still would not even notice! No! It has - and is - taking something really really massive to attract our attention! Hence the thousands upon thousands of souls passing over! Those truly beautiful, high vibrational souls who have freely and willingly chosen to contribute in this particular way to this massive shift for humanity. And we just must not, we just cannot let their passing and their sacrifice be in vain! We owe them at least that! We need to see this process of the rise of the divine feminine right through to the new golden age for our world. And by that I mean, when we are out the other side of this present crisis, and we will be, we just can not slouch back to our previous life-styles! We cannot become complacent! We have just got to keep this positive momentum going! We have got to see the golden age for humanity come about! So, we must all continue to balance our inner masculine with our inner feminine. This is not just a once-off exercise! These polarities are not in competition! They should complement each other and further each other for the good of all. Look at it like this. The feminine is the metaphorical queen, in touch with her heart, in touch with Source. The masculine is her knight in shining armour, her warrior, whose main purpose is to bring to fruition her dreams and aspirations, and without whom those dreams will never be realised. She is the one with the dreams, coming from her intuition, he is the one she needs to bring those dreams to reality for the good of all. The two must work together, side by side, as equal partners, each contributing to the whole in response to the call from the other. And this has all been portrayed in what we call our Fairy Tales. Those stories are not just meant to bring delight and magic to our young children! They are meant for all of us! There are messages in there! Messages which most of us have until now failed to get! Think of 'Snow White'! What is that fairy tale about? It is about the evil of a female, called the Wicked Queen, who is trapped in the negative feminine polarity. Her antithesis is Snow White, the positive feminine polarity, who has fled from the evil envy of the Wicked Queen. But for Snow White to be saved, she must be awakened by her heroic prince. The positive feminine attribute must be merged with the masculine positive attribute. Only then will the two be united in love and live happily ever after. Think too of 'Cinderella'! Here we have again, the negative feminine polarities of greed, envy and ambition which have taken over the three Ugly Sisters. The unfortunate victim of this, Cinderella, can only be saved in her misfortune by being courageous enough to be seen at the grand ball by the noble prince, who nobly searches for her to follow the instincts of his heart and delve beyond surface appearances. When the two find each other, the prince marries her, and restores her to the throne as his equal, both of them living happily ever after. And don't forget 'Sleeping Beauty'! The princess can only be brought back to life by the noble prince who has the courage to search for her. Her kingdom is frozen in time, she represents the sleeping spirit hidden inside each one of us, which can only be awakened by our positive other half. These fairy tales all end in happily ever after. And why? Simply because the positive attributes in the male hero have merged with the positive attributes in the female heroine, manifesting love, peace and harmony for all concerned. The message is that for us to come into balance, we need to embrace both sides of ourself, the masculine and the feminine, and we need to embrace the positive of each, for that is what brings out the best in all. And this is what was meant by Yeshua's teachings of 'The Way'. The balance inside each of us of the masculine and feminine energies, marking a path of wholeness, integration and Oneness. The way to Enlightenment! The way to the perfected human being! And this interaction between the masculine and feminine forces is all not just played out at a personal level, but also at a global level, through religions, institutions and societies. There are political regimes that bully, co-erce and dominate through instilling fear, oppression, threats and punishments, just as there are also religions that bully and control their members through fear and guilt. All of these are caught, trapped in the negative masculine polarity! And the result? Everyone suffers! So now we can all see clearly why it is essential for the Divine Feminine, the Goddess to return to our world! The Goddess, with all the intuition, all the Spiritual connection with Source, all the dreams for a wonderful world where everyone knows only peace, joy, abundance and happiness! But the Goddess alone cannot manufacture it! She needs her knight in shining armour, her warrior, who can share the dream, to bring it into reality for her, and then they will both live happily ever after. The positive attributes of the feminine, the Goddess, have been merged with the positive aspects of the masculine, responding to her call, making her feel loved, cherished, valued and respected. And when the female feels like that, the male responds by feeling valued, honoured and appreciated for the contribution he has made, and which he was happy to make. This return of the Goddess is happening right now in our world. Our world can be returned to a world without bloodshed or war! Our world can see an end to conflict and suffering. But first we all need to understand and accept that the way to achieve all this dream, - and this dream can indeed be achieved, - is not through masculine dominance at the expense of the feminine. It can only be achieved, as it was before, - and so it can be again, - by the equal merging of the masculine and the feminine. It can only be achieved by the acceptance of the equality of Father/Mother God, and not a male, punishing God. This masculine dominance, belief in a single, male dominating, punishing God over the last 2,000 years, the age of Pisces, has led only to conflict, duality and separation. And we can see how this has failed! But now, with the dawn of this new age of Aquarius, everything is possible! The winds of change are unstoppable! Controlling religions are losing their grip on our souls! We are ready to accept the return of the Goddess! We are ready to honour Mother Earth once again, simply because we now see Mother Earth as the source of all our needs. We are ready to live in Oneness once again simply because we now see that there is no separation, we are all one, what we do to one another, we do to ourselves! We are ready to respect and honour all forms of life on our beautiful planet earth, simply because we now realise that they too have their purpose and mission in being in our world. And the animals are not on planet earth to be slaughtered for profit or for sport or entertainment! We are ready to respect Mother Nature, simply because we now understand that we must live our lives in tune with the great cycles of Nature, because we are all part of that great cycle of universal energy. And we now know that Mother Nature teaches us our greatest and most important lessons! We are indeed ready to break out, to break free, of the trap that we have been in for so long now, the trap of materialism, fear and self-doubt, imposed upon us by those who are greedy and lustful for money and power. We are ready to re-connect with our own God essence, ready to form our own personal relationship with our own Divine Presence, and to no longer accept without question the dogmas, doctrines and teachings of a patriarchal religion that claims to be built on the teachings of Jesus, but is most clearly not! We are ready to cast off the controlling of our soul by others for their own gains, and take back responsibility for our own soul development and evolution. We are ready for the return of the Goddess! The third and final post coming soon! The role played by the Goddess, the divine feminine, in earlier ages, and how, over time that has been changed, leading us to a state of imbalance. A state of imbalance which is now being rectified! All is well! All is as it should be! Namaste!

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