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About Me - Eileen McCourt

I am a retired school teacher of English and History. My life is now devoted to healing and to helping others along their Spiritual path.


I am a fully qualified Reiki Grand Master Teacher, teaching the following to all levels: Usui Reiki; Mother Mary Reiki; Fire Spirit Reiki (Christ Consciousness and Holy Spirit); Archangel Reiki; Unicorn; Pegasus; Dolphin; Dragon; Elementals; Golden Eagle (Native American); Golden Rainbow Ray; Goddess of Light; Golden Chalice; The Violet Flame; Okuna Reiki; Lemurian Crystal Reiki; Psychic Surgery; Rahanni Celestial Healing; Magnified Healing of God the Most High of the Universe; Archangels Ascended Master Reiki; Karuna-Prakriti Reiki; Pyramid of Goddess Isis Reiki; Mary Magdalene Reiki; Reiki Seraphim.


Through the Spanish Federation of Reiki with Reiki Master Teacher Alessandra Rossin, Bienstar, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, I obtained my teaching qualifications in:


  • Reiki Mother Mary

  • Fire Spirit Reiki (Holy Spirit and Christ Consciousness)

  • Archangel Reiki

  • Mary Magdalene Reiki

  • Okuna Reiki (Atlantean and Lemurian)

  • Karuna-Prakriti Reiki (Karuna Reiki has evolved from Usui and Tibetan Reiki,                                                                                                        and Prakriti is the female aspect of the Divine in Hinduism)

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Third Eye Opening

  • Energy protection

  • Auric Vision

  • Pendulum

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls (with Reiki Master Teacher Jose Luis Garcia Guerricagoitia)

  • Reiki Seraphim  (Seraphim are the highest ranking Archangels in the Angelic realms)

  • Reiki Kundalini

  • Merkaba Activation and Meditation


Through the Lynda Bourne School of Enlightenment, West Midlands, England, I have obtained my teaching qualifications in:


  • Unicorn Reiki

  • Pegasus Reiki

  • Elemental Reiki

  • Dolphin Healing

  • Golden Eagle Reiki Healing (Native American Indian)

  • Golden Rainbow Ray Healing

  • Dragon Reiki

  • Goddess of Light Reiki

  • Golden Chalice Reiki

  • Violet Flame Reiki

  • Lemurian Crystal Reiki

  • Archangels Ascended Master Reiki

  • Pyramid of Goddess Isis Reiki

For details about each Reiki modality click here

I offer regular workshops and courses in the following centres:

Elysium Wellness Newry; Angel Times Limerick; Celtic School of Sound Healing, Swords, County Dublin;  Holistic Harmony Omagh, County Tyrone; New Moon Holistics NI Carrickfergus, County Antrim;  Reiki Healing Bettystown County Meath; Moonbeams Carrigaline, County Cork.

To date, I have had 49 books published, 6 cds  and a DVD. My books are regularly receiving 5 star reviews, and are available to buy in the listed outlets and online through Amazon. Details


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