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What is Reiki?


Reiki is hands on healing affecting the flow of energy in the body.  Reiki works at very fundamental levels of reality, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, balancing and strengthening the body's energy, enabling the body to heal itself by releasing blocked energy in a loving way. 


A treatment may  last for up to 45 minutes but the effects are felt for up to 21 days. During a treatment I am guided to use a combination of the various energies with which I work, depending on your needs. 


There are many forms of Reiki - all coming from the same Source - Divine Energy. I offer the following:-


ANGELIC REIKI - I hold my hands on your shoulders, creating the space for the Angelic Kingdom of Light, enabling the Angels to carry the energy to where it is required.


RAHANNI CELESTIAL HEALING - This healing is centred on the Six Pointed Star, the healing Star of Jesus Christ, healing at the highest level.  This healing also incorporates the energies of Lord Melchizedeck, Kwan Yin, and the Archangels and Angels.


REIKI FIRE SPIRIT - this is the energy of the Christ Consciousness, channelled in the name of Jesus Christ, filling you with unconditional love and the highest vibration of healing love.


MOTHER MARY REIKI - This is a very strong, powerful, but gentle healing from Mother Mary, bringing perfect balance and a wonderful quality of love and compassion.


REIKI WITH THE ARCHANGELS - A deep strong healing, as the Archangels cleanse, restore, balance and energise your chakras. I work with AA Michael, Sandalphon, Chamuel, Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel and Zadkiel to bring peace and balance between your Spiritual and your physical body.


UNICORN REIKI - This energy is on the same vibration as the Angelic Kingdom and enters your crown chakra through a spiral movement, purifying and cleansing, removing karma, releasing guilt and allowing forgiveness.


ELEMENTAL REIKI - This healing energy works through the Divine Love of the Elemental Kingdom, healing the chakras, the auric fields and the emotions, awakening the Soul to help the physical body and mind cope with life's issues.


GOLDEN EAGLE REIKI - This healing energy reflects the Native American Indian connection with Mother Earth, opening the base and root chakras to connect the recipient to Mother Earth and the Golden Ray Energy located in the Earth's Centre.


DOLPHIN REIKI -  This healing energy moves in soft wave pulses to where it is needed in the body, bringing wholeness, harmony, peace and a balance between the physical and Spiritual life.


GOLDEN CHALICE REIKI - This healing penetrates deeply into the Soul to increase hope, faith, abundance and reward,  provides psychic defence and relieves worry and stress.


GOLDEN RAINBOW REIKI - The use of colour in healing helps to strengthen and clear the aura and balances the chakras.


GODDESS OF LIGHT REIKI - This is another of the new energies now emerging since the realignment of the planets in 2012.  This feminine energy opens the heart chakra to enable the recipient to feel true self-love and true love for Planet Earth and human kind.


DRAGON  CRYSTAL ENERGY - This healing energy cleanses, heals and protects, by combining the energy of the Dragon with the deep healing of Nature, dissolving negative energy.


TIBETAN SINGING BOWL HEALING - The vibration and sounds emitted by the banging and ribbing of the bowls balances and cleanses the aura and the chakras, bringing you a deep sense of completeness, peace and calmness.


OKUNA REIKI (Atlantean/ Lemurian) - Using the ancient sacred symbols of Atlantis and Lemuria, you experience a deep clearance of long held           blockages and negative patterns. Ancestral blockages are also solved, leaving you with a feeling of freedom and relief, restoring energy and happiness, and filling you with Cosmic love, coming from the Planets and the Stars


THE VIOLET FLAME - including the Silver Violet Flame and Golden Violet Flame. This healing is channelled from St Germaine and Ascended Master Kuan Yin and works on the physical body, the mental body and the Soul level, clearing past life karma and transmuting all negativity. The Violet Flame works on the physical body, on the Chakras and the surrounding aura; the Silver Violet Flame removes negative thoughts from the mental body and the Golden Violet Flame heals the soul.

ARCHANGEL ASCENDED MASTER REIKI - For the first time the healing energy of both Ascended Masters and Archangels can now be channelled through Master healers. In this beautiful treatment, Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Sananda unite their energy using the new Ascension Opal Healing Ray.

MARY MAGDALENE REIKI-  Mary Magdalene is everywhere right now! Her energy is here to balance the feminine and the masculine within each one of us and in our universe. Mary Magdalene Reiki brings a deep feeling of calm, and from that deep sense of calmness comes the strength  we all need in order to move forward.

Healing Treatments - Reiki
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