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Okuna Reiki Workshop and Observations!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Thank you to all who have responded to the photograph of the Okuna practitioners attuned in Swords on 21st October. Congratulations to these 7 new Okuna Reiki practitioners! More bright lights switched on!

My Observations!

I have noticed something remarkable over the last number of courses and workshops I have given in various parts of the country. Almost all of the high energy vibration people taking part are under some sort of duress or attack at the moment and have been for some time. It's as if the darker energies are stabbing at them to try and bring them down and off their path of Light.

I felt so wretched on the Sunday morning I thought I would have to cancel. But then I got the energy from somewhere to go on, and I am so glad I did. If I had failed to deliver the Okuna Reiki with its extremely powerful symbols to those 7 very high vibration energy people, it would have been a major triumph for the darker forces.

I feel just wonderful today, so the message to all of you who can equate with all of this is, do not let the darker energies distract you from your path. CONTINUE TO HOLD THE LIGHT in the face of everything. And how do you HOLD THE LIGHT? You HOLD THE LIGHT by staying positive.

That's all you have to do. Stay positive! Do not dwell on negative thoughts, as that only strengthens them! See everything as an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to advance on your Spiritual path, and everyone who comes into your life as a messenger from Source. To halt us all at this so vital stage in our Ascension process would be a major triumph for the darker energies, but they cannot get to you if you are carrying the Light, remaining positive, seeing everyone as the bright Spiritual being they really are and sending out UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to all, thanking those who you offended or hurt you for the valuable lesson they have taught you, that lesson you yourself freely chose to learn during this life-time in order to advance your immortal soul.

There are many people on FB who send out daily messages of positivity and encouragement and that is what we all need to do. See the glass as half full rather than half empty! STAY POSITIVE! No darker force can affect you if you continue to HOLD THE LIGHT!

Protect yourself at all times, with the White Light of Spirit and the Blue Cloak of Archangel Michael. No dark force can infiltrate that! Love and Light!

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