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Elizabethan and Jacobean England! Difficult, dangerous and treacherous times in which to be living! And at the very heart of it all, telling us all about it, giving us the true history of his times, hiding his secret information in plays and poetry, - riddled with codes, ciphers, symbolism, anagrams, wordplay, puns, metaphors, - was the man we have always been led to believe was William Shakespeare, but who in actual fact was not that man at all, for no such person ever existed by that name!

So, 'If Not Shakespeare, Then Who?' That is what this book is all about! The sequel to 'To Be Or Not To Be.......The Man of Stratford Who Was Never To Be Shakespeare: Exposing the Deception that was William Shakespeare'......... Amongst all the literary greats surrounding Queen Elizabeth I, and there were many, there was only one particular man who could possibly have written those iconic works! A man whose prolific writings, further to his Shakespearean works, are especially poignant for today and the present situation in which we now find ourselves, in 2020! A man who was playing hide and seek with us, hiding his works embedded in ciphers and codes. A man who wrote: 'The glory of God is to conceal a thing, the glory of a King is to find it out'. A man who wrote: 'Time brings forth the hidden truth'. A man who wrote: 'I have taken all knowledge to be my province'. A man who was writing 'not to my times or countrymen, but to a people very far off, and an age like our own, but a second golden age of learning'. A man whose life-long dream was the creation of a new 'golden age' for humanity, a regeneration of knowledge and learning, establishing the truth. A new age, when mankind would live in harmony with Nature, and in accordance with the Laws of Nature, and the Spiritual Laws of the Universe! A man who wrote: 'Man is but the servant and the interpreter of Nature! What he does and what he knows is only what he has observed of Nature's Order. In fact or in thought beyond this he knows nothing and can do nothing..........Nor can Nature be commanded except by being obeyed.' So, four centuries later, are we now that 'people far off' and are we entering that 'second golden age of learning'? This time that is bringing forth so much of the 'hidden truth'? It is time for that man to take centre stage! It is time for that man's identity to be made known, along with his secret birth circumstances, and his being deprived of his natural birth right, all in the desperate attempt to upholster the false image of the 'Virgin Queen'! The 'hidden truth' given to us by the real Bard of Avon! The real Bard of Avon crying out to us across the centuries, desperately trying to tell his story, in the great drama, the great performance that was Elizabeth's own life-story! On a par with the gospels as the greatest story never told! And his name? FRANCIS BACON!!!!!!! Francis Bacon! - the greatest mind of the English Renaissance! Francis Bacon! Who tells us himself, in his own coded ciphers, that he was the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I and the Earl of Leicester! Francis Bacon! - Who tell us himself that he was the author of the Shakespeare works! And that same Francis Bacon, known in esoteric and spiritual circles as the re-incarnation of St. Germain! Yes, St. Germain, keeper of the Violet Flame! The Violet Flame - that which transmutes all negative energy! And St. Germain spent one of his life-times here on this earth dimension, this earth energy vibration level as Francis Bacon! The journey of a soul! The journey of this particular soul - St.Germain, who spent one of his re-incarnations here on Planet Earth as Francis Bacon! And his soul mission? His soul mission in all of his life-times was to better humanity, to return humanity, through a regeneration of all knowledge and learning, to finding the truth! And there is the connection between these 2 most recent books of mine, - both about Shakespeare, and exposing his true identity, - and all my previous books, - which are all spiritual writings. This one too, is deeply spiritual, as was Francis Bacon, a man who used the stage and the theatre, to get his messages across, under the pseudonym William Shakespeare, in an age of strict censorship, when his writings would have cost him his life, contradicting as he did, the orthodox church and state teachings of his day. Secrets which he could not disclose in his own time, but hid in his writings for a people far off, in a new age, to find! St. Germain! - Francis Bacon! Known as the the great alchemist! Changing hearts of lead into hearts of gold! And how privileged I feel to be given the opportunity to enable him to tell his story! His true story, and not the 'official' history, the propaganda, that has been passed down to us for the last 400 years! It's all here, in this book! Shocking, disturbing, but it needs to be told! Namaste!

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