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  • Eileen McCourt

Our programme for this coming week: 23rd-29th March

Tomorrow night, Tuesday 24th March, 9 P.M.!

Please join us again,- with Declan Quigley drumming us on a shamanic journey to meet with our Higher Self, - to get all the answers to our questions at this time.

Thursday, 26th March, 9 P.M. Collective Meditation to transmute the dark cloud of energy of fear into the Light. Last time, we worked on transmuting the Spirit of the virus into the Light of the Universe, so this coming Thursday we will be working on transmuting the dark cloud of the energy of fear into the Light And PLEASE! We really do need the COLLECTIVE ENERGY to do that!

But first, tomorrow night! Shamanic journey to meet with our Higher Self!

So what do we mean by our Higher Self? Let me explain.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience for the duration of this life-time in order to learn certain lessons to progress on our soul evolutionary path. So we HAVE a body, which we adopt in order to transport our soul through this life-time.

But we do not just HAVE a soul. We ARE a soul. And we ARE our Higher Self. These are often confused.

So what is the difference between your Soul and your Higher Self?

Your soul is that over-riding totality of who you are, who and what you have ever been, and who or what you ever will be. Your Soul, not your consciousness, or your ego, is the very essence of who you really are, so it governs every aspect of your living and dying. Your Soul encompasses your personality, your fears, your love. It is what is indestructible about you, as it can never be destroyed. The strength of your soul is not a physical phenomenon; instead it is pure energy, pulsating and radiating throughout your physical body.

Your Soul is attached to your physical body through an energetic connection, referred to as the silver cord. This silver cord is linked to each of your seven major Chakras, and is the life-line through which your soul feeds energy and information into your physical body, just as the umbilical cord attaches the baby in the womb to the mother. When the time comes to pass over back to Spirit, the silver cord stretches, and when it disconnects, that is the point of no return. You are on your way home!

When you re-incarnate into each new life-time, you do not take all of your Soul with you; only that part which is sufficient for each earthly journey. The rest of your Soul, the greater part, remains with Spirit. This is your Higher Self. So your Soul is, if you like, only a miniscule part of your Higher Self; your Higher Self being the core of your Soul; and that miniscule part of your Soul being the only part you take with you into each life, depending on your particular requirements each time.

While your Higher Self, you in your highest, purest form, has unlimited knowledge, the miniscule part of your Soul, on the other hand, that part that you take with you into this life-time has very limited knowledge, and very limited memory.

And why has your Soul got only limited memory?

Your Soul has got only limited memory because again, what is embedded and encoded in your Soul, in that limited memory span, is all you need to know for this life-time. Your Higher Self contains buried sacred information for your total enlightenment, from all your past life-times, and all your karmic deeds. If your Higher Self were to relate, to disclose this information to your conscious Soul, this would impact on your present life in a way that would be contra-productive for your learning the lessons you have come here to learn. You would, in other words, know too much about yourself for your own present good. You would impede your own progress or Soul development. The veil of amnesia has been pulled down over our eyes at birth for a reason! We are not meant or supposed to know everything, - otherwise the whole blue-print for our life, that we so carefully created, would just fall apart!

Your Higher Self, on the other hand, knows absolutely everything. There is nothing your Higher Self does not know. It has the answer to any and every question you could ever ask. It is your own God Essence in its purest energy form.

And you have access to your own Higher Self at all times. Your Higher Self is pure light, pure energy and as such, it cannot deceive, conceal, or give a wrong answer. So in order to protect you from your own Higher Self disclosing information to you which might hinder your Soul evolution, your Spirit Guides step in and intercede in the communication process, by blocking off those particular answers.

That small portion of your Soul which you have with you in this life-time does not particularly like being here at all. It feels trapped within the confines of your physical body. It belongs with the rest of your Soul, your Higher Self, in the higher spiritual energy vibration levels. Each night, when you are sleeping, your soul astral travels to the rest of itself, a sort of re-fuelling, a catching-up if you like. Sometimes you might waken up from your sleep with a jump. Well, what has happened here? Your Soul, in transit, has sensed that you subconsciously know it has gone, and it darts back into your body, hence your jumping movement, instead of the gentle, smooth return your Soul normally would make when re-entering your body after its astral journey.

Now, as your Higher Self is God essence in its purest form, then we need to understand what happens when we pray and when we meditate. After all, we believe we are praying to God, but if our own Higher Self IS God, then we need to reconsider the meaning of prayer and meditation.

There is no God out there going to grant some requests and not others. When we are 'praying', or meditating, we are connecting with our own Higher Self, our own pure God Essence in its undiluted form, that part of our Soul which has not stepped down its energy vibration level to be on this dense earth energy dimension.

So, the answers we get in meditation are coming from our own Higher Self, our own pure undiluted God Essence.

And tomorrow night, Declan will be leading us in a shamanic journey to meet with our own Higher Self, to sit with our own Higher Self, and ask for guidance and answers to all the questions we wish to ask at this point in time!

Again, we will post on FB about an hour or so beforehand so that you can watch and know what is happening, but if you wish to experience the collective energy, you need to press PLAY at exactly 9 P.M.

You can of course watch this post any time you wish once we post it! The aim is to bring comfort, consolation, hope and peace to as many people as possible in these trying times! And your generous comments are very reassuring that we are doing that!

We send you all Love and Light!

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