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My Youtube Videos

These are the videos currently on my Youtube channel. You can view them here or on the channel itself where you can subscribe for regular updates.

Youtube Channel Link

The third video in the 'Nature of...' series. Eileen McCourt and Declan Quigley discuss Why we are here.

From my podcast about the book 'Rainbows, Angels and Unicorns! - a child's first spiritual book.

In this the second video in the 'Nature of...' series Declan Quigley and Eileen McCourt discuss 'What we are' in a Spiritual context.

In this first of the weekly series of the 'Nature of' videos I am discussing the 'Nature of God' with Declan Quigley

From my podcast 'Music of the Spheres: Connecting to the Great Universal Consciousness and to ALL THAT IS through the music of Irish composer/pianist Pat McCourt'.

Introdution to  My 'Nature of' series of videos with Declan Quigley of Anam Nasca. Over the coming weeks we will be discussing  a variety of Spiritual topics. 

From my podcast 'Divinely Designed' The Oneness of the Totality of All that is

From the Podcast for my latest book Kundalini - That most potent cosmic energy...'

A short video to my friends and followers. Thank you for your support.

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