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My Meditation CDs 
 Celestial Healing; Celestial Presence; Chakra Cleansing, Energising and Balancing; Ethereal Spirit (meditation on the I AM PRESENCE); Open the Door to Archangel Michael; Healing with Archangel Raphael.
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CELESTIAL HEALING Let the Angels of Healing draw close around you. Immerse yourself in the blissful celestial music, flowing through the angel fingers of my brother, pianist Pat McCourt, relaxing your body and mind in peace and tranquillity, as I guide you through a series of powerful healing exercises with the Higher Celestial Beings of Light.


CELESTIAL PRESENCE : Relax as I transport you up through your crown chakra, up through the Pyramid of Light, into the Celestial Presence of 11 of the Mighty Archangels, where you are cocooned in the warmth of the balm of unconditional love of these Mighty Celestial Beings. Each has a message for you, and at the end Metatron again speaks to you. Listen ... Listen ... Listen ...


Your Chakras are your spiritual link with Divine Energy, the only way of uniting your own individual Soul with the Universal Soul.
This guided meditation takes you on a gentle journey through your 7 Chakras, with 7 of the Mighty Archangels, a visualization exercise of ever expanding awareness, giving you a sense of well being and oneness with All That Is.



You are not just your body, you are a Spiritual Being, a spark of the Divine, an immortal Ethereal Spirit, experiencing a temporary human existence. There is a now a great spiritual awakening taking place across all of humanity. You are remembering your connection with All That Is, encoded and embedded deep within yourself; you are remembering that you have, in your Inner Being, all the answers to all the questions you could ever ask. This Meditation connects you once again, with your magnificent I AM PRESENCE, your own Higher Self, with the Universal Energy, and with All That Is. You are reclaiming your power, your own Divine Essence .....



We are living in wondrous times! A Great Spiritual Awakening is occurring such as never before, throughout all of humanity. An Awakening so great that even those of us in the deepest of slumbers are feeling the stirrings within ourselves. This CD brings a powerful message, channelled from Archangel Michael, translated word for word from the original Spanish version, and  addressing all the Beings of Light, all the Light Workers who have willingly reincarnated at this particular point in time, to assist in this Great  Spiritual Awakening process. Listen to the message Archangel Michael has for you ............. and feel the energy invigorate and revitalise you, as you go about fulfilling your life contract in these special times!



HEALING WITH ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL:   Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of Healing and comes to us on the emerald green ray. Allow yourself to be surrounded by the healing power of this Mighty Archangel as I send out Archangel Raphael's sacred symbol to you. Feel Archangel Raphael's beautiful, soft Energy enfold you in wings of loving Light, calming, nourishing, replenishing. Relax into the Heavenly music as Archangel Raphael gently cocoons you in the balm of His soothing green Light, healing, healing, healing........




The accompanying music on each of these cds is from my brother, pianist Pat McCourt. After a career in the caring services, Pat is now following the call of his heart and bringing happiness to others through his music.

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